Customer Testimonials

We asked some of our Red Apple customers "What do you think of Red Apple?" and here is what they told us...

I am in your store almost daily. There is a great selection of the things I need at a price I can afford. The associates that work in the store are above and beyond my expectations every time I go in... Always so courteous and friendly!

Armstrong 54206
Every time I shop there, if I cannot find something, one of the staff always takes the time to show me every other option to try and find another solution.

Squamish 54209
The associates always tell me about sales and great prices. One associate recognized a shirt I bought the month before and told me that it look good on me, I was very please to hear that.

Aylmer 53063
Super helpful and welcoming us to the store and to the community :) She went above and beyond to help us find what we were looking for and was super helpful and friendly with our family - thank you!

Port McNeill 53704
I was on my way to the dollar store and she told me about all the great specials including the chocolate bars. I did not realize that the store had such a great selection of candy for such great prices.

North Sydney 53803
The cashier was happy and very friendly and spoke to me as if we have always been friends. She had another associate help with what we were looking for and didn't make us feel like it was any trouble to do so. She thanked us when we left and made us feel that our little purchase was valued. I’m glad to see a cashier who enjoys her job so much.

Fenelon Falls 53030